Our principle

We are a small artisan wine producer, who make fine wine using natural farming techniques (including organic and biodynamic practices) with low-intervention vinification processes. Under the frame of organic viniculture and winemaking standards we produce high quality appellation and natural wines, and nutrive grape products, affordable in every day dinner. As the 4th generation of family's viticultrures / winemakres, we are much aware on the protection of the environment throughout the product life cycle, with respect to the end consumer. We offer a less treated - raw whole grape products and terroir wines, from local Mediterranean grape, using no or as less additives possible, from our own family vineyards in Attica.

  • We respect the vineyard's local ecosystem - terroir
  • We use homeodynamic / biodynamic preparations since 2000
  • We follow the international organic winemaking and natural wine standards since 1998
  • No use of oenological additives (except pure gas SO2 at low levels - usually the total is less that 1/3 of the organic standards)
  • No use of yests of any kind
  • No chemical stabilization, clarivication and preservation wine practicies
  • Vegan products (no animal products, albumen, casein, gelatin, fish glue, etc)
  • Natural wines zero - zero additions. Total sulfides less than 10ppm
  • Wines with low free sulfite content, less than 10ppm free (which means no or very low SO2 prebottle additions), considerably less than national or organic standards)
  • High nutrition whole products, mild treatment in order to save sensitive grape nutrients.
  • Long barel agged natural wines (zero sulfur additions)
  • Rich grape's natural color dyes gets deep with orange gold in white wines.
  • Sediment may appear at the bottom of the bottle as a result of no or mild filtering
  • Grape juice products are raw, not filtered / homognized.

Quality Standards

  • Organic Viticulture All family's vineyards are certified organic since 1998, according to EU 2092/91 (L198 of 22.7.1992) updated by EU 834/2007. The inspection organization is DIO, IFOAM & USDA approved: GR-01-BIO
  • Organic Wines EU - Winemaking is controlled by DIO (GR-01-BIO) wine department

    . Organic Wines US - Winemaking standards

  • The Appellation Wine type and Protect Geographical Indication (PGI) wines of Local Spata, Attika Region Geece and EU Protect Designation of Origin for the traditional Retsina Mesogion are controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture of Prefecture of Southeastern Attica. Special numbers (that appear on the bottles) are issued for every years crop.

  • Quality Assurance and Food Safety standards EN ISO 22000:2005 (ISO 9001 & HAACP) by TUV Austria Hellas (validation until Oct. 2011)

  • Vegatarian - The Vegan Society UK