Organic viticulture

People say that "the wine quality starts from the vineyard" referring to the natural origin of wine's taste and flavor. This is among the main disciplines of organic wine. The term organic product is now approved as a high quality product. In organic farming grapes are clear from synthetic chemical additives (pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers) during the whole grape growth cycle, as well as the wine making. The technique is based on a healthy vine ecosystem to promote soil vertility, which is adequate for a healthy plant growth.

The live soil supports the full vine's nutrive needs giving grapes the full body and rich taste character. The continue vine maintenance in leaves trimming is important in preserving the healthy environment for the plant during the growing period. In conjuction to the dry climatic characteristics the low yield (3-4 tons/he) of the family's arid vineyards contributes to the top quality must, essential for our wholesome healthy products.

Cultivating our own organic grapes we have a sure resource to produce high nutrition"life" wine. The gentle grape growth cycle in accordance to the organic wine making techniques used are helping us to preserve most of the natural varietal flavor, strongly avoiding the use of additives and destructive winemaking techniques.

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