December 2018

Young wines 2018

Young white wines are ready for tasting and bottling is on, while reds are getting mature.

Three white natural savatiano wines 2017 are now well developed in the bottle. The young red SEiRA#3 2017 has awarded with a gold metal in this years international organic wine competion in Germany

You can now enjoy Greek Organic Wine.

The term Organic Wine which -appart from the grape- refers to the certified organic vinification methods appears in our wines (since crop 2012). This has replaced the previous term "wine from grapes of organic farming" as they now fullfil the EU organic winemaking standards.

All of our wines (after 2012) are labeled "Organic Wines"

Also some natural wines labels are cetified organic wines by USDA

Local weather forcast in our vineyards by the National Observatory of Athens

Vintage #46



Sunday 9 Dec 2018

Take a walk in Attika vineyard

Wine tasting of young and natural wines 2018

MCF ATHENS 12:00-19:00


A golden young red SEiRA#3 2017

International Organic Wine Award 2018

Wine System - Germany

Naturaly Elegant

Organic Savatiano

orange wines 2018

The natural expression of Attica's terroir at Mesogia Athens region, products of organic natural vinification, without soulfides, yeasts & filtering.


Organic grape juices of fresh Savatiano grape without additives of any kind. Useful for the delicious moustalevria the traditional greek grape creme.

Comming soon

Sparkling Grape Water


All of our products are certified by Vegan Soc. UK