January 2024 Young wines '23

The late autumn rains have refreshed the dry vineyards in Attika and the northern cold winds have already removed the vineleafs. Vines are sleeping and the soil processes, plus BD500p are ongoing. Prunning is about to be launched. Young wines full of varietal aromas, have been removed from lees and are currently bottled in order to develop the maturation proccess into the bottle.

Pair your winter dinners with the Black Label '22 wines. The full body of Savatiano BL (No Added Sulfides) the fine characteristics of Malagouzia-Asyrtiko BL, the awarded fine roze Mandilari BL. Enjoy your festive food & your favorit appetizer with the natural bubbles of the Ancestral PetNat series, the cranchy rose Piperato, the cool redish fruits Kokkineli and the young white Yomatari.

The wines are travelling around the world

The natural wine method Black Label series, includes the fine rose of Mandilari-Savatiano and the white flowers of Malagouzia - Asyrtiko. The new Ancestral series, with three of the local traditional method of young sparkling wines that develope natural bubbles (PetNat style) : Yiomatari, the robust tanic body of Savatiano, Kokkineli the cherries of Merlot and Savatiano, and the Piperato fragile texture of light Mandilari rose.

Dont forget the Grape Soda. All vegetal grapewater

Natural wine is certified in France, as INAO has set the standards of Vin methode Nature. Lets hope that EU will adopt soon these certification standards. A big Bravo to this pioneer group of 250 active French winemakers. One more step towards the "transparency" in wine.

All of our wines are certified "Organic Wines" EU

A number of natural zero-zero NAS wines (No Added Sullfites) labels are cetified Organic Wines by USDA

Are you planning a wine tour ? Check the local weather forcast in our vineyards by the National Observatory of Athens Vintage #51


Certified Biodynamic grapes by Demeter International


The Natural Wine Festival

Bacchae Romantso ATHENS

Fri 1st & Sat 2nd March 2024


Savatiano BL '22

The Art of NAS wines (No Added Sulfides)


Our 25th anniversary wineSpecial Edition Retsina BL'20 Barel Wine System Organic Wine Award International

GOLD 91/100

Taste the '22 Black Label X4 collection


Naturaly ElegantOrganic Savatiano natural wines 2022

The natural expression of Attica's terroir of Mesogia. This is Athens South Eastern region local products of organic natural vinification, No Added Sulfides (NAS), no yeasts, unfined & unfiltered.

The natural bubbles into Ancestral Series '22


Unfiltered organic grape juices of fresh Savatiano grape without additives of any kind. Useful for the delicious moustalevria the traditional greek grape creme.

Grapeberry's water soda Dry Grape / Grape & PineAll vegetal - No additives

All of our products are certified by Vegan Soc. UK Order your wines here