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March 2016

Vintage 2017 on the start

At the end of a cold but wet winter prounning has completed in our vinayards. Weeds trimming is on the go

Three white natural wines 2016 are now in bottle. The fresh wines are also available in soft pouch tap pack. Try our "nouveau" Merlot-Savatiano 2016

A flexible solution to get every where two botles much of fresh wine. The 1,5L pouch bags of white organic wine 2016 Savariano and of dry red Merlot-Savatiano and Merlot - Syrah are of surprising quality. Retsina Wine 2016 is also available in 1,5L pouche.

Now you can enjoy Greek Organic Wine.

The term which -appart from the grape- refers to the certified organic vinification methods appears in our wines (since crop 2012), has replaced the previous term "wine from grapes of organic farming" as they now fullfil the EU organic winemaking standards.

All of our wines (after 2012) are labeled "Organic Wines"

and some are Natural wines & USDA organic wines

Local weather forcast in our vineyards by the National Observatory of Athens

Vintage #44


19 years of Organic Viticulture


Taste us


ATHENS 18-20 MARCH 2017

Naturaly Elegant

Organic Retsina Wine 2016

The natural expression of Attica's terroir at Mesogia region, product of organic natural vinification, without soulfides, yeasts & filtering.

Red SEiRA#1 2010

International Organic Wine Award - Wine System - Germany - June 2015

Drink Pink

Flert 2016 Rose off-dry young Organic Wine



Row concentrates (at low temperature) of fresh grape -without additives of any kind- gives almost 3L of grape juice, if 2-3 parts of water / ice will be added. Suitable for raw food, juice coctails, jams & marmelades natural sweetener, and moustalevria the traditional greek grape creme.

All of our products are certified by Vegan Soc. UK


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