Organic winemaking

Organic wine making seems easy as most people think that nature has fully undertaken all of the fermentation job. In closer look the continues observation and the monitoring of the natural processes is an extra labor. We are attempting to preserve into the wine as much as possible of the pure nutrients and flavor, without any additives or removals from the grape's natural characteristics. We are helped a lot from the use of healthy own organic grape which give good quality must rich in natural sugars and acids.

Using modern wine technology we can avoid the additives in the must, keeping a low sulfides profile, which is exceptional to massive wine making policy.

Family Georga's experience has shown that chemicals and sulfides additives are responsible of cover, compress or some times knock out the natural taste of quality wine. Therefore the reduction of the sulfides additives, which are used at very low levels, is not only derived from wine taste standards, but also to minimize the negative health impacts. We are attempting not to lose the full wine's wholesome taste, by reducing the filtering. Therefore sediment which can appeared at the bottle is a natural consequence fo a less processed product. Also, natural grape dyes may possibly darken the wine's color with time as its exposed to the sun. As a sensitive live product, wine can't stay long periods after the bottle is opened, so try to enjoyed at once.

What is the use of sulfides in the wine?

Sulfides are naturally present at small amount in the must acting as natural antioxants. They are gradually lost during fermentation and are artificially replaced in order to block the oxygen not to oxidize and spoil the wine. The sulfide addition in the wine is tasted as a processed after taste. Added sulfite's quantity are varying according to the preservation policy followed. Lowering the sulfur amount means that fresh wine should be carefully managed not to come in contact with air. The sensitive low sulfites wine product must kept in a particularly clean environment, free from nay microorganism responsible for harming the wine, resulting in unpleasant taste changes.

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