Vine varieties

Small vine growers and wine making firm in quality wines. Appling biodynamic standards in our organic certified vineyards in Mesogaia (Attica - central Greece), we carry on the long family tradition in viticulture and vinification in our winery in Spata (Athens). Being aware about the environment and minimal manufacturing additions, we are proudly produce three white dry wines from Sabbatiano the local indigenous white variety Asytriko and Malagouzia, two Retsina, two dry red, from Syrah, Merlot, one red demi-sec and a sweet white, plus four no alcoholic grape juices and petimezi a nutrive traditional greek concentrate, which you are welcome to taste it cool in our winery in Spata (near Athens) and find more. Vine age varies from 10 - 50 years old, grown mainly dry.


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