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Georgas Family White Dry Savatiano
Savatiano of Spata PGI Attiki

This dry white wine is the product of a mild organic winemaking process with minimal additions. By minimizing additions and “inderventions” the fragile bouquet of the indigenous Sabbatiano grapes can blossom and mature to full potential. With pleasantly acidity, this mature robust white wine is a nice company of light food dishes, cheese and salads. Served fresh this wine is strong in both the mouth and nose and as maturity occurs mouth feel becomes more rounded and full bodied. Best served chilled between 7 and 9 oC

Certifications: Organic Wine DIO GR-01-BIO, USDA, Vegan
Numbered bottles of 750 ml.

Geogas Family SEiRA#1

Typical Syrah blend with 10% Merlot has a bold red color and a balanced mouth feel. At 14% abv this wine makes a statement on your palate. Low tannins balanced by light French oak make this bottle excellent for consumption now or after cellar aging for 2 to 4 years. 2010 vintage is available in bottles of 750 ml. Wild yeasts, Low sulphides, No filtering. Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan

Geogas Family

Merlot and Savatianno covinified to make this light red wine of 13 % Alc. Mild mouth, low tannins bring a complex and lingering after taste. Goes well all year long. Suitable for cellar ageing 1-2 years. Wild yeasts, Low sulphides, No filtering. Served cool 10-12°C
Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan

Georgas Family - RETSINA MESOGION - Traditional Appelation with Geographic Origin

This dry white wine is fermented with a light pine resin, a traditional method which adds body, aroma, mouth feel and longevity to the native Savatiano grape variety. Our Savatiano grapes are grown organically and without irrigation. Located in the arid region of Attica, our vineyards have been traditionally cultivated for five generations and our older vines are over 50 years old. Organic vinification of these delicate Savatiano grapes create a complex wine which maintains traditional characteristics of this native grape. The pine resin brings a characteristic to the Retsina that truly differentiates this wine from all others. This wine is a perfect match with Mediterranean food. Wild yeasts, No sulphides. Serve chilled between 8 and 10 °C. Organic Wine DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan

Also USDA organic wine

Georgas Family - RETSINA WINE - Traditional Appelation with Geographic Origin

Similar to the Retsina Mesogion this Savatiano wine is fermented with pine resin. However, this Retsina is vinified with more traditional techniques. Allowing more pine flavor and higher acidity this wine is designed to model an ancient Retsina style. Bolder and slightly more complex than the Retsina Mesogion this wine pairs well with rich dishes of Greek cuisine.
Organic Certification: DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan


Red Sweet wine - Georgas Family SÅÉRA#2
Desert demi sweet red wine
14 % Alc.

Semi-sweet organic red wine is a blend of Merlot and Syrah aged for minimum 5 years in old French oak barrels. Mature residual sugar and heavy toasts bring a viscous and rich mouthfeel with a warm bouquet. Pair this with pastries, sweet pies, nuts, dried fruits and cheeses. Wild yeasts, No sulphides, No Filtering. Best when served at 15-18 °C.

Organic wine Certification: DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan


Georgas Family - Vin de Liquer 14% Alc

White Sweet aged wine
This traditional style sweet white wine from old Savatiano vines, aged minimum 5 years in old oak. Wild yeasts, no added sulphides, no filtering. A naturally agged sweet wine,cooper/amber color, mild dry fruits and nuts noose, full mooth of mature yellow fruits. Pair with sweet pastries, sweet pies, nuts and dry fruits. Suitable for cellar aging 1 to 2 years in bottle. Contains no sulfides. Best when served cool at 10-12°C. more
Vintage of 2010 is currently available in bottles of 500 ml.
Certifications: Organic wine DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan,

Also vintage 2016 USDA organic wine


100% Natural Grape Juice
White Grape, Red Grape, Apple-Grape, Tea-Grape

100%Whole organic grape cloudy juices -as less filtered- pausterized and packed in asceptic paper box (Tetrapack) of 0,25 and 1L

Each 1L juice carton is packed with the nutritious equivalence of 1.8 kg. of organic grapes. Organic processing and zero additions allow antioxidants, trace minerals, calcium and iron to remain intact and natural in the juice. This is the pure juice from organic fruit. There is no color, sugar, or filtration agents present. Should be refrigerated and consumed within 4 days of opening.

Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan


"Petimezi" is a dark traditional grape juice concentrate. Historically it was used as a high calorie supplement given for a quick source of energy. It is 100% fresh organic grape juice thick concentrate, and contains no additives. Excelent source of iron and calcium. This highly nutritious drink has many applications in Mediterranean cooking, marinates and balsamic style salad dressing. It can also replace sugar in pastries and marmalades as well as makes an excellent syrup for pancakes, muffins and yogurt top. Glass bottles of 325 and 650 g. No addditives. No refrigeration needed.

Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan

This "Cooking Petimezi" is more concentrated and thicker than usual. An extra thick grape concentrate suitable for cooking and pastry. 100% of fresh organic grape juice with no additives or sugar. No refrigeration needed.

Round boxes of 750 êáé 1500 g.
Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan



White Grape, Red Grape, Apple - Grape

Vergin grape juice gently consentrated at mild temperature ( 25 o Celsius) in order to retain all the nutrious elements of the fresh organic grape. 6,5 parts of grape clusters are used to make 1 part of consentrate. Therefore 1 part of grape concentrate results in 4 parts of juice when dilute with water. Suitable for row food diets, grape granita, smothies, marmelades, creams and cocktails, as well as a sugar alternative to healthy salads and row food cusine. Available in 650g. bottles
Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan


This unprocessed organic grape water contains no additives or preservatives. Apparently is 100% the water content of the red grape berry, which has been extracted with a mild technique from the fresh grape. It contains some of the antioxidants and nutritious elements of the grape skin. A vegetate water which is perfect for detoxication diets replacing tap or ground water. This product can also be used as a moisturizer for the skin -excellent face moisterazing lotion used after demakiage- and at the hair rinsing.

Bottle of 1L Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, USDA, Vegan



Strong body vinegar made from organic grapes.
Glass botles of 0,5L Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan



Mild vinegar made from apple and white grapes.
Glass botles of 0,5L Certifications: Organic DIO GR-01-BIO, Vegan