Alive wholewine

As traditional winemakers in Mesogaia we consider wine a basic table product. Family's tradition in viticulture has shown us that the best nutrive food rich in taste is the most naturally produced one. Following the love of the whole organic products we are biologically cultivate all of our vineyards since 1998, under the inspection of DIO.

By the application of the organic disciplines into the grape cultivation as well as on the wine making, we achieve to produce organic wine from healthy organic grape, which is the highest definition of nutrive diet whole beverage.

Fresh grape is among the fruits with full nutrient ingredients, offering a variety of vitamins, basic metals end easily digestible sugars, which help the body to clear. During must fermentation all the natural yeasts of beneficial bacteria are converted into useful and even more digestive components. Wine making is reinforcing all of the grape's healthy characteristics into a better storage type - wine.

The live wine is a basic good to the Mediterranean diet. From ancient Greek times to the Jesus Christ period wine was basic table good and among the main celebration food, not only for the pleasure but mainly for the recreational and nutrive value.

During the recent 40 years, the massive wine production and industrialization resulted the wine's nutrient and dietary quality to be degraded. The increase of chemical additives as well as the huge mechanical utilities has kept away the "life" from the wine. In our days almost bottled wines have limited nutrients and plenty "approved" by the law chemicals, sulfides in particular - the consumption of which is bad for our heath.

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