Resinated wine

Good resinated wines are gourmet wines,

as the pine juice offers a different touch to the taste pallet

of white dry wines

The "minerals" in Retsina wine taste

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The History

Greek tradition describes retsina as a popular full strong mouth taste, barrel wine of rich amber color. Basic menu options available in most Athens tavernas of 60’s and 70’s, to accompany greek know “mesedes” - small piece assortments of deep fried fish or meet, feta cheese and greek salad.

Resin, stands for the natural fresh pine juice, which is originated from the trunk of local pine tree species (Pinus halepensis) which is eclusively grows in Attica region. It is early known to pe chemical oenology as an excellent natural preserver and later to pharmacology of it’s excellent macrobiotic natural herbal substance.

It was initially used as a natural preserver, originally introduced by the Cretans (1700 BC) to extent the wine’s live. It was the first discovered archeological artifacts from the chemical analysis on the organic remnants on the walls of ancient containers mugs cups and cooking tools. Dr. Martlew describes that Minoans they do not only cultivate grapes and produce wine with resin but they use in cooking. They use also smoked oak to enreach the wine taste. Taste through centuries Article by Diane Shugart, National GeographicVol 4 /No 2 Feb 2000 Natioanal Georgaphic (Greek) p.144-149

In Georgas Family we carry the tradition and the modern requests of light and fresh white wine character, we vinify reach organic Sabbatiano must with the drops fresh pine resin from local old pine trees. The vinification result gives a fine light dry taste of Georga’s Family Ogranic Retsina natural wine and Retsina of Mesogaia. Traditional origin, nice when fresh but excellent when it gets mature.

Retsina has strong friends and bad enemies. The dry character definitely can not keep you inert !

It’s a rather table white wine, accompanying the Mediterranean style of dinner food, where eating and drinking is a long endless process. It stands with excessive honor to all typical rich taste fried or oily cooked fish food, spicy or not, and definitely barbeques.
When is sparkling fresh, most of the sabbatiano fruit flavor is present, whereas in the mature resine dryness is more predominant in mouth character.
Best serving conditions when chilled at 5-7oC



The "new" Retsina Cult wine with a cultural background
reportage from Karl Bajano, Wine Plus (2007)
Photo: Fresh pine „tears“ – the bewitching aroma of menthol, incense, petrol and blossoms
Retsina is a style of wine that is thousands of years old, and even in modern Greece still represents the classical ubiquitous style of wine. No taverna in Greece could afford not to stock retsina, and it can be found on the wine lists of even the most upper-class restaurants... Read more...